Under the European Rainbow Asylum Rainbow

25.09.2020 – Goethe University Frankfurt

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This conference is committed to putting the lived experience of queer asylum at the centre of the conversation. It brings together LGBTQI+ refugees and persons seeking asylum, key academic scholars, practitioners, politicians, policy and civil society stakeholders to discuss and develop the relevance of the experiences of LGBTQI* asylum practices in Germany for the EU. Our aim is to generate a knowledge exchange amongst a wide spectrum of actors who are involved with queer asylum.


Lesbian, Trans* and Nonbinary Refugees in Germany. Speak with them, not about them!

Delivered by Masha Beketova (Humboldt University Berlin/ LGBTIQ migrant activist and Alissa Kudriavceva (LGBTQI+ activist Brandenburg)

Masha and Alissa’s keynote reclaims the (highly problematic in the context of asylum) form of the interview in order to inspire the listeners to speak to each other. Masha and Alissa seek to shed light on the exclusions in the support structures for LGBTIQ+ refugees and their possible causes. The talk will be organized along following questions: What are the structural reasons for discrimination against LGBTIQ+ refugees and migrants in Germany? Why is it presumed that there are so little trans* and lesbian refugees? What are the main challenges these social groups are facing? Why does refugee support not always help? And what practical ways for solidarity are possible and needed? Why is it important to spell all the letters in the abbreviation LGBTIQ+, and why only spelling is not enough?