Recognition and Prevention of Violence against LGBTQI+ Persons on the Move

13.11.2020 – ONLINE


This symposium foregrounds trans, intersex, lesbian and non-binary migrants and refugees’ experiences of asylum, challenging the often cis-homocentric and Eurocentric perspectives and views that continue to dominate queer asylum practice and policies. The thematic focus are firstly, the recognition of gender-based violence in the asylum claims of lesbian, inter and transgender persons and secondly, violence protection and prevention against LGBTQI+ people on the move in their country of arrival. In so doing, the panels ask what we can learn from these experiences and how they contribute to a more inclusive asylum policy – particularly with an eye towards the New Common European Asylum System. This symposium will be concluded by a participatory performance which approaches the topics around queer asylum, human rights and violence through testimonies and the writing of poems by the participants.   

Panel #1The Recognition of Violence Against Lesbian, Inter and Transgender People within the Common European Asylum System

The first panel of this online symposium discusses the particular experiences of lesbian, intersex and transgender asylum claimants, who are often victims of gender-based violence in their country of origin as well as arrival, against the background of the Istanbul Convention from 2011. What are the particular challenges lesbian, intersex and trans claimants face within the asylum process? How can we understand gender-based violence in SOGI asylum claims? To what extend do we see an implementation of the Istanbul Convention 2011 within the Common European Asylum System? How could we find ways in which to incorporate such in the New Common European Asylum System? 

Panel #2 – Protection and Prevention of Violence against LGBTQI+ People within Social Spaces

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Human Rights and Queer Asylum Performance: This is Who I am – a Dialogue  

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