Policy Lab

The Queer European Asylum Network is engaged in policy work that addresses the situation of LGBTQI+ asylum seekers/refugees within the Common European Asylum System. Our policy recommendations are the result of a community-based approach that involves LGBTQI+ activists, LGBTQI+ asylum claimants and refugees, NGO practitioners, and academics. We work in collaboration with Policy Bristol.

Our policy recommendations address the following topics:

  • Recognition of LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum within the Common European Asylum System
  • Recognition of the intersectionality of race, gender, sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, class and ableism in asylum claims
  • Recognition of Black lesbian asylum claimants within Germany’s asylum system
  • Gender-based violence in LBTQI asylum claims
  • Trauma and access to mental health support for LGBTQI+ refugees
  • Recognition of extreme social isolation of queer asylum claimants and refugees
  • Isolation and access to community and health support for queer refugees during the COVID-19 pandemic

Policy Briefs