Concept and Lead

Dr. Mengia Tschalaer, School for Sociology, Politics, and International Studies, University of Bristol

Mengia Tschalaer is a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the School of Sociology, Politics, and International Studies at the University of Bristol, UK. She has taught courses related to gender and sexuality law, identity and culture, and intersectionality at the City University of New York and Columbia University. She was also a visiting scholar at the Center for Gender and Sexuality Law at Columbia University and has published extensively on socio-legal resistance, human rights, Islam and gender in India, and on queer asylum politics and practice in Germany. She is currently working on a EU-funded project that examines the experiences of LGBTQI+ people with Muslim background within Germany’s asylum system.

Dr. Nina Held, University of Sussex, SOGICA

Nina is a Research and Teaching Fellow in the Department of Sociology at the University of Sussex. As a postdoctoral researcher she is currently working on the ERC-funded project SOGICA – Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Claims of Asylum. Before coming to Sussex, Nina worked in different voluntary organisations. She worked as the Development Worker at Trafford Rape Crisis for two years and as the Centre Co-ordinator at Freedom from Torture North West for five years. For seven years, she was the chair and a volunteer for the Lesbian Immigration Support Group in Manchester.


Dr. des. Harpreet Cholia, Refugee Council Hessen

Harpreet Kaur Cholia is an independent researcher, lecturer, practitioner and advisor in the field of critical migration studies, feminism, empowerment, anti-racism and anti-discrimination. As the president of the Refugee Council of Hessen, Germany, Cholia has been working for the rights of refugees and their rights to remain in Germany. She has been recently appointed to head of the new and innovative department “Diversity and Democracy” at the social enterprise GFFB in Frankfurt am Main, where she is working on anti-racist, feminist and diversity in the framework of democracy building. Cholia is also a psycho-social counsellor at “Response. Hessen” at the Education Centre Anne Frank in Frankfurt. There she provides one to one counselling to victims of right-wing and racist violence.

Danijel Ćubelić, European Coalition of Cities Against Racism

Danijel Benjamin Ćubelić is Head of Antidiscrimination at the Office for Equal Opportunities of the City of Heidelberg, Germany. He serves on the advisory board for “Acceptance and Equal Rights” of the state of Baden-Württemberg and as a deputy board member of the German Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency. He is also an adjunct lecturer at the Department for the Study of Religions, Heidelberg University and Speaker of the Islam research group of the German Association for the Study of Religions. Since January 2020, he is managing director of the European Coalition of Cities against Racism.

Mohammad Dalla, Bundesstiftung Magnus Hirschfeld

Mohammad Dalla is a research assistant at the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld (BMH) and the University of Potsdam. Since starting his studies in Germany in 2016, Mohammad has been active in several projects addressing “Special Vulnerable Groups” of refugees with different organizations such as the Foundation Social Pedagogical Institute Berlin (SPI), Lesbians and Gays Association (LSVD) Berlin-Brandenburg, and the Gunda-Werner-Institute of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation. Mohammad is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Cultural Studies with a focus on identity politics, gender and refugee studies at the University of Potsdam and has been working in the Department of Social Participation and Antidiscrimination of the BMH, Berlin since February 2019.

Magdalena Müssig, Bundesstiftung Magnus Hirschfeld

Magdalena Müssig is the scientific advisor at the department Society, Participation and Anti-Discrimination of the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld (BMH), where she coordinates the project Refugees & Queers. Magdalena holds a master’s degree in Social and Cultural Studies with a focus on gender, queer postcolonial and migration studies from the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) and has been working for several organisations and initiatives that advocate for gender equality, queer rights and the right to asylum.

Lilith Raza, Lesbian and Gay Association in Germany

Lilith is a Transwoman with migration background. She is working for the rights of LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers in Germany since 2015. Since November 2017 she is working for the German wide LSVD e.V Project “Queers Refugees Deutschland”. The aim of the new LSVD project “Queer Refugees Germany” is to network the structures existing throughout Germany as well as refugee LGBTI activists and to support them in their work.

Knud Wechterstein, Rainbow Refugees Frankfurt

Knud Wechterstein is a founding member of the “Rainbow Refugees Frankfurt Verein” established in October 2015 and was a member of its board from 2016 – 2019. Knud is currently the coordinator of „Rainbow Refugees Support“ at the AIDS-Hilfe, Frankfurt. He further supports LGBT*IQ refugees with their asylum claims, and their access to queer groups as well as medical and psychological treatment. He further advices LGBT*QI refugees on issues pertaining to residence permits and employment. 

Anbid Zaman, Representative of the ILGA Youth Steering Committee for Europe and Central Asia

Anbid Zaman is a LGBTQI Human Rights defender currently living in Cologne, Germany. From the age of sixteen, he started his engagement in LGBTI human rights, gender equality, environmental and social justice in Bangladesh. He worked for the first ever Bangladeshi LGBTI magazine publishing organisation Roopbaan. Since living in Germany, Anbid started working with both German and other European organisations. He joined the executive board of Aktionsbündnis gegen Homophobie e.V. on March 2017 and recently got elected to represent Central Asian and European LGBTI Youth to the ILGA World Intersectional Committee focusing on LGBTI youth globally. 


Prof. Dr. Bridget Anderson, Migration Mobilities Bristol, University of Bristol

Bridget Anderson is the Director of the Bristol Institute on Migration and Mobility Studies and Professor of Migration, Mobilities and Citizenship at University of Bristol. 

Dr. Ines Kappert, Gunda-Werner Institute

Dr. Ines Kappert is the head of Gunda-Werner-Institute for Feminism of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Feminism for immigration society, refugees and Women, Peace and Security. She is the author of the book “Der Mann in der Krise. Oder: Konservative Kapitalismuskritik im kulturellen Mainstream (Transcript, 2008). From 2007-2015, Dr. Kappert was the head of the opinion-desk of the German daily taz.

Prof. Dr. Uta Ruppert, Feminisms and the Global South, Goethe University

Uta Ruppert is a professor of Political Science and Political Sociology with a focus on Global South and Gender Studies at the faculty of Social Sciences at Goethe University Frankfurt/Main, Germany. She is a member of the board of directors of the Cornelia Goethe Centre for Gender Studies. Her research focusses on transnational feminisms, transnational solidarities and civil society in transnational and transregional processes of social and political change. Her (trans)regional focus is on East and Southern African countries respectively on African-Asian relations (together with Ross Anthony she edited the volume Reconfiguring Transregionalisation in the Global South. African-Asian Encounters, Palgrave 2020). With regard to theory and praxis of solidarities across borders and in the field of asylum her focus lies on European, especially feminist and queer feminist contributions to the discourse.