Upcoming events

4. September 2020 I Covid-19 and Queer Asylum Discussion Forum


This Covid-19 and Queer Asylum Discussion forum is a closed online event. Invited are politicians, policy makers and practitioners to discuss the policy implications of the Covid-19 and Queer Asylum virtual symposium which took place on 29. April 2020 and as summarized in our policy brief. The aim of this discussion forum is to highlight the marginal experiences of LGBTQI+ refugees during the pandemic and demand action on the part of policy makers and politicians.

13. November 2020 I Queer Asylum: A Human Rights Perspective


This conference is committed to putting the lived experience of queer asylum at the centre of the conversation. It brings together LGBTQI+ refugees and persons seeking asylum, key academic scholars, practitioners, politicians, policy and civil society stakeholders to discuss and develop the relevance of the experiences of LGBTQI* asylum practices in Germany for the EU. Our aim is to generate a knowledge exchange amongst a wide spectrum of actors who are involved with queer asylum.