Journal Articles on Queer Asylum in Europe

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Blog Posts

Held, N. and Tschalaer, Mengia. 2019.  Better Legal and Social Support Needed for LGBTQI+ People Seeking Asylum in Germany. Mobilities and Migration Bristol Blog. 31.October.  

​Tschalaer, M. 2019. Conforming to stereotypes to gain asylum in Germany. Mobilities and Migration Bristol Blog. 12. August.  

News Articles

Tschalaer, M. 2020. Fehlender Schutz für Schwarze lesbische Geflüchtete. Tagesspiegel. 23. June.

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​Nina Held, Mengia Tschalaer and Danijel Ćubelic. 2020. „Ich habe mich noch nie einsamer gefühlt“. Tagesspiegel. 30. March. (This article appeared in the print version of the Tagesspiegel under the title “Mein Leben ist eingefroren” on 6. April 2020)

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Tschalaer, M. 2019. Black lesbians denied asylum in Germany. openDemocracy.14. August.

Video on COVID-19 and Queer Asylum

Video on COVID-19 and queer asylum produced by Ibrahim Willeke (Panelist at the “COVID-19 and Queer Asylum” virtual symposium).