Past events

22. July 2020 I Online discussion on equal rights in asylum procedures for lesbian and queer refugee women on 22 July


A violation of the freedom of sexual orientation and gender identity constitutes a right to asylum in Germany – nevertheless, statistically this right is denied to black lesbian and queer women who suffer oppression and persecution in their home countries because of their sexuality. Dr. Mengia Tschalaer (University of Bristol) found that this discrimination is based on stereotypical notions of lesbian sexuality which obviously do not correspond to the life realities of rejected asylum seekers. What has to change to reduce the structural discrimination of black lesbian and queer refugee women?

13. July 2020 I This is Who I Am: A Performance of LGBTQI+ Asylum Testimonies in the UK


‘This Is Who I Am’ was presented by the theatre company ice&fire, which specialises in exploring human rights stories through performance. This virtual performance featured a reading of first-hand accounts of LGBTQI+ people’s experiences of seeking refuge in the UK and going through the UK asylum process.

29. April 2020 I Online Symposium: “COVID-19 and Queer Asylum


COVID-19 & Queer Asylum was a virtual symposium featuring NGO representatives, lawyers and judges working on queer asylum, LGBTQI+ activists and LGBTQI+ persons seeking asylum/refugees from Germany. The Symposium consisted of three panels followed by a information session led by lawyers and LGBTQI+ asylum practitioners that allowed for a Q&A around COVID-19 and LGBTQI+ asylum.